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Colors and Fabrics

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Endura is a heavy duty, tightly woven material made of extremely durable polyester. Ideal for industrial and open top vehicles, it is water resistant, pet-proof, and ready for your work truck. This material is often used in outdoor backpacks and soft-sided luggage. Rugged Fit Covers offers a full protection for your vehicle’s interior with Endura.


Velour is a microfiber material often used by auto manufacturers. Rugged Fit Covers customizes velour auto seat covers to fit your car, truck, or SUV. The material is Teflon and UV treated to protect against stains and natural fading.


Leatherette is a vinyl material that appears like leather. Rugged Fit Covers designs leatherette auto seat covers to be durable and resistant to moisture. The material is easy to clean with a damp cloth.


Twill is a durable flat-woven material often used by auto manufacturers. A polyester-based fabric, twill is very strong and is Teflon and UV treated to withstand stains and natural fading.

About Us

Our Product

We use only high-quality fabrics that look great and wear well.

All of our patterns are machine-cut and hand-sewn, a combination of precision and care that makes our covers attractive and durable.


Rugged Fit Seat Covers is a family-owned business located in Dallas, TX, and established in 2014

We manufacture seat covers designed specifically for the year, make, and model of your vehicle. We use Computer Assisted Design and Manufacturing for a precision cut. Then, all of our covers are hand-sewn to ensure durability. We take no shortcuts in producing our form-fitting custom auto seat covers.


Our mission is to provide excellent products at a reasonable price. We accomplish this by using quality fabrics and advanced manufacturing techniques.

We understand how you feel about your car, so we work hard to provide the perfect solution for auto seat protection!

Protecting Your Investment

You love your vehicle. You want it to last and look good in the process of the normal wear-and-tear of life.

Our seat covers are designed to protect your existing upholstery, or to improve the look and feel of your car if the original upholstery is damaged.